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I want to show you how to replicate my success! All the secrets of my internet business are yours.
At last, you can learn a foolproof method for generating massive amounts of money. It requires zero experience and zero knowledge. This is everything you need to know!
With this platform, you can start earning more than $2,000 per week in no time at all!
With our turnkey website, you can achieve your dream of earning a massive income without ever leaving home.

Benefits Of My Program
A turnkey online ecommerce business, 4 easy steps
Hello I’ Michael,
You know that there are opportunities out there for you. If you could only find the right turnkey website business, you would be set for life, working from home and earning more money than ever before. However, you probably have assumed that you need some computer knowledge and programming skills going in.
Nothing could be further from the truth!
My methods and system works, and it doesn’t require you to know anything programming, marketing or building of websites before you get started.
First things first, though, you need to open your mind. This online money-making system is totally different from everything else you have encountered.
Take it from me. I was a natural at earning money online. It always seemed so obvious to me!

From the first day that I went into business, I was turning a profit. Hard as that may be to believe, it’s true.

You have probably heard a story very different from mine. Over and over, these charlatans will tell you that they just barely got by for years before they cracked the code.

I am here to tell you that you don’t need to wait. You can start earning money right now. I have helped thousands of people, and now I want to help you too.
My purpose in creating this website was to save you time and energy. I don’t want you going through all the stress and hassle of trial and error. Instead, I will show you what you need to do to earn a living online. Simple steps: those are the keywords here.

Maybe you want to struggle. Maybe you want to learn from someone who has struggled too. That is your prerogative. If that is what you need to do, that is what you need to do.
The shortcut, however, is here if you want to take it.

But Before We Begin …
I’m going to be blunt with you …

… and tell you the REAL reason why you haven’t seen the success you want online, and what you can finally do about it.
I’ll also reveal how you can make money from home, or wherever you choose, using just your computer.

And by the way–this works no matter you income, age, language or computer skills. People from all walks of life are making thousands and tens of thousands a month with ecommerce sites just like mine.
You don’t need any special skills and even people in their 80’s are making money by following 4 simple steps.

Now you may be thinking TWO things:

First …

“This sounds like another ‘make money online’ scam.”


To date, people all over the globe have made more than $2 million dollars with this System.

And the second thing you may be thinking is …

“For ordinary people, making money online is impossible no matter what anyone says.”


Regular people all over the world are making $1,000s … tens of $1,000s of dollars with this System every MONTH.

… stay-at-home moms … retired veterans
… factory workers … even a high school drop out has had success

So …

If you haven’t seen the success you want online, it’s not your fault.

I assure you, the problem is not with YOU or with the Internet.

The real problem is that most online marketing systems leave out many crucial steps.

Well, that’s about to change.

But first, here’s a little something about me so you know I’m qualified to help you.

I’m father of five and consider myself a family man thru and thru, who has been blessed with finding and marrying the love of my life, Espie. I am a 24 year veteran of the U.S. military. 
I believes there is nothing more important than family. No matter what your dreams are, family is what makes it all count. “To see my children happy, healthy and living their life with purpose is the driving force behind what I do.
 Setting an example of being of service to others and the fulfillment from that is my purpose.” 

At my lowest point, I took stock of himself and started planning for the future. I was a high school dropout, but I had dreams of impacting others’ lives positively. With no education or skills, abundance and my dreams eluded me. I had 2 parallel careers for many years, I joined the military in 1992, finding within myself a drive to be the best that I could be in serving our country. In high school, I had been told I was not college material, so I felt that I had a lot to prove. While pursuing my military career, I went on to not only to attend college but to earn multiple degrees and make a name for myself by collaborating with major marketing organizations. I approach life with a core belief that anyone can accomplish anything, provided he/she dreams it and puts action into it.
This is my Mission:
“To empower people with the knowledge they need to bring their dreams of wealth and a life of purpose to reality”

Patrick G. Fruge

At my lowest point, I took stock of himself and started planning for the future. I was a high school dropout, but I had dreams of impacting others’ lives positively. With no education or skills, abundance and my dreams eluded me. I had 2 parallel careers for many years, I joined the military in 1992, finding within myself a drive to be the best that I could be in serving our country. In high school, I had been told I was not college material, so I felt that I had a lot to prove. While pursuing my military career, I went on to not only to attend college but to earn multiple degrees and make a name for myself by collaborating with major marketing organizations. I approach life with a core belief that anyone can accomplish anything, provided he/she dreams it and puts action into it.

Emma K.

One of my best leaders, he always showed he truly cared about me and my fellow Soldiers. MAJ Siddall was always calm, no matter what he was in control easing the moment of stress with calmness and confidence. 

In addition to helping others directly through Bring the Dream Global LLC, I’m active in serving the nonprofit organization, Operation Underground Rescue which has a mission to protect and save children from sex trafficking, servitude, and abuse.
It is my dream and passion to make Bring The Dream Global a billion-dollar success so that I can offer nonprofits the maximum level of financial support possible.

If you are ready to accept success into your life, I am ready to show you the way.
Every day, I wake up energized to help people. I want to know that I am changing people’s lives. The ambitious men and women who are not earning what they want to earn: these people are my audience.

You deserve time with your loved ones, you deserve to have some extra spending cash, and you deserve to enjoy your life.

I want you to look forward to the work that you do! Instead of being someone who lives for the weekend and dreads Mondays, I want you to be someone who thrives every single day.

Your whole life should be one big weekend! It can be too. I will show you how.
Why work so hard unless it is all moving toward something?

My Strategy Works
Most people who try to earn a full-time income online fail. That’s a fact. There are a ton of platforms for earning money and plenty of “internet marketers” who claim to know the secrets.

From Google AdSense to affiliate marketing, there are tons of potential opportunities. But how do you spot the real opportunities? There is just so much information out there! How do you parse it all?

This is how. I am going to give you the turnkey website that has worked for me. Earning over $11,357.49 per month, I put in a few hours of work each day from a variety of locations globally. You can too!

The System I’m about to reveal is the secret to achieving you dreams; having more time,
money and freedom …

That’s why I call it Bring The Dream.

The genius of this System is that all the hardest stuff is Done for You.

For an online business to be successful, it needs 2 things:


People need to visit your websites (Traffic).
Those websites need to turn visitors into buyers so you can make money (Conversions).

Now, this formula sounds simple but it’s incredibly hard to make it work all on your own … and impossible to scale on your own.

However, that’s exactly what Birng The Dream does for you … which is why it’s so revolutionary.

It provides all the following for you:

All you have to do is send leads; and, when those leads buy, you get paid.
I’ll personally teach you where and how to find leads and send them to the high converting products.

Bring The Dreams “tested and proven” sales pages will turn your leads into buyers.

Those buyers will get sold more products over months and years without you ever lifting a finger again…

… and depending on the product they purchase, you will get paid $50 … $100… or $500 deposited directly into your bank account.

On Top of That …
You also get a coach (me) who will walk you through the process and answer any questions.


Because I actually wants you to be successful.

Honestly, the more leads you send, the better his our company does and the more money I can pay you in commission and also donate to my charity.

If You Are …
… Hating your job … Struggling to get by … In debt … Unable to retire
… Or, if you just want to live a better, more fulfilling life without worries?
… Then you’re in the right place …

… You see, I know what it’s like to feel hopeless–to have nothing in the bank and no idea what to do about it.

I didn’t have any special skills or training.

I didn’t have any advantages.

I stumbled many times in my life, but I stayed determined and today I’m truly living my dream because of the secrets to success I learned long ago.

Now I’ve taken all my secrets and lessons to building wealth online; I’ve placed them in one powerful online system, Bring The Dream
And today I can say, I’m an online virtual millionaire.

But talk is cheap.

Let me “show you the money”… Sign up today and I will provide all the training you need and the most powerful online wealth system in existence today.

Within minutes of joining and following 4 simple steps, you can earn a commission from a product sale in within minutes. Not hours, days or weeks, but within minutes of posting one product for sale.

You know that you want to run an internet business for yourself. There is money to be made! But where do you get started?
If you have never worked in web development before, then you may have a tough time figuring out how to launch your own online business. Try hiring a web designer and you could end up spending a huge amount of money, thousands upon thousands, plus plenty more for articles and content. Then, when something breaks, you are going to be even more lost.
This is easier than all that!
You need basically zero experience with web development when you use one of our turnkey sites. Everything is ready to go! All you do is promote the site and start raking in the cash.
Stop messing with all those extraneous platforms! It’s unnecessary!
You probably struggled to figure out e-commerce in the past, thinking you needed a whole host of skills.

Maybe you have looked into one or even all of the following:

  • * Web Hosting
  • * Landing Pages
  • * E-mail Autoresponse
  • * Split Testing Software
  • * Webinar Software
  • * Affiliate Software
  • * Membership Software
  • * Photoshop
  • * WordPress
  • * Coding
  • * Web Design
  • * Web Administration
Think of the money you would be spending to enlist all these systems! Stop it! There is just no reason to make things so hard on yourself.

Even if you do put together all these systems, you would still need to pay a designer to combine them all. This is just too much!

Adding everything up, it’s clear why many people are turned off e-commerce so quickly
How do you succeed in online business spending all this money? How does anyone get started at all?

Using our turnkey website, everything is straightforward and speedy. This is a platform so intuitive that anyone can figure it out.

With our platform, all the services you need are available in a single interface.
The quality of our turnkey website is unmatched!
Now is your opportunity to replicate my internet business for yourself!
This is what I do:
To develop my turnkey site, I have put in my own time and money. Now, I want to hand everything over to you. With my platform, you will get a link that only you can use, and then that link will monitor clicks and direct users to a turnkey site that you sent. From there, you earn income off the purchases that the users make.
But that’s not all! You are going to get a huge cut of the profit commissions from the sales that you get with your link. Up to 75%! Of the profit is yours to keep.
What do you need to do? Absolutely nothing! I have already taken care of everything for you.
Basically, I am your content creator, your customer service representative, and your business coach. You bring in the customers, and I take care of everything else. You reap the rewards!
You are doing four things to set up your business.

  •  Fill out the details to create your website.
  •  Choose the products that you are going to market.
  •  Market your website and generate traffic.
  •  Profit! You get paid commissions on all sales.
Everything You Need to Start Earning an Income Is Here

Stop spending your time and money trying to figure this out for yourself! My turnkey sites are the best. They can’t be beat! By joining me, you will be getting the very best products that lead to the very best sales. Why try anything else?
Whoever your customers are, you are going to get all the profits. Every person that you refer is your customer, and you are going to keep up to 75% of the profits from them.

Your One-Stop Platform!

Whether you have a lot of experience or no experience at all, you will be able to figure out how to use this product.

Back when I was getting my start, there was no one to tell me how to do things, how to sell products or how to do a launch.

As I learned, I documented everything. All that documentation is coming in handy now. I want you to benefit from it!

Your turnkey site is going to make your life better and easier than you ever imagined possible. You just promote the products and take the commissions. Up to 75% of them!

There are a ton of people who call their businesses “turnkey” business. They are not! This is! Everything you need to thrive is included here. All the work is done in advance.

Maybe you are not making any money at all. Not even $5 or $3,000 per month. This is your chance to turn that around!

With my e-commerce site and products, you can finally achieve the success you want for yourself. I will give you the training and coaching tools that you need to do this right.

I’ll send you the content, and I’ll be right there beside you.

It’s All Waiting for You! Everything Is Done Already!

With these turnkey sites, you are going to conquer the market.

Our track record of success is undeniable. We are giving you products and sites that we know to work. You can use them! You can profit off them! It’s all up to you.

Do you want to own your own business? Do you want to make money? I am showing you how. These are all the tools that you need to be successful.

By joining today, you are going to get every one of my turnkey sites. This is your opportunity to make a change in your life. This short of thing doesn’t roll around often. Jump at it!

When you decide to get serious about earning your income from home, this is the way to do it. There is no system that works faster or more effectively. I know! I have seen what is out there!

You can start earning $10,000 per month yourself or even just (just!) $1,000 per week. My customer affiliates are doing it, and so can you.

I am not giving you anything different than what I use myself to earn my seven-figure income. You are going to get the same turnkey site system that I work off of.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s effective. Start today!

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What is your guarantee?
We are always willing to cancel your account, penalty-free and fee-free. We want you to be happy with what you order from us, of course!

How to Proceed
Select your plan below, fill out your details, and get started!
I appreciate you taking the time to read our letter. Thank you!
Michael Siddall
Creator, Bring The Dream

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